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Lienzo Photographic Studio

Lienzo Photographic Studio is dedicated to creating the best possible images for our guests and clients. Our aim is to capture those unique moments of your life in the most natural way, and create something everlasting through our personal, artistic point of view. We strongly believe photography is about telling stories and moving at the same time. Spontaneity, energy, passion, emotion are the necessary ingredients we put in our work to create amazing images worth to be remembered. These captures will be treasured by you and your family for generations. We love to have great time doing our job, it must be a funny great experience.

We're Creative

We spent a lot of time in researching and I feel strongly that we demonstrate the most creativity, talent, skill, professionalism, and passion for photography!

We're Passionate

We have a deep passion for creating exceptional and unique images, whether we’re capturing the spirit, energy, and love of babies, children, families, or marriage ceremonies.

We're Professional

We're a highly qualified and truly professional team of general and wedding photographers. We have years of valuable experience working at various events.